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Leica European Publishers Award now open for entries

From March 1 to 21, 2008, Leica will be accepting book entries for the prestigious Leica European Publishers Award, which is open to photographers worldwide and is brought to us through a collaboration of seven European publishers. Submitted projects must be in the form of a finished photographic book with substance that has never been published. The winning entry will be published by each participating publisher and released to audiences in each respective country. An entry fee of 50 Euro covers the cost of returned materials.

Participating publishers include Actes Sud of France, Apeiron of Greece, Dewi Lewis Publishing of Britain, Edition Braus of Germany, Lunwerg Editores of Spain, Mets & Schilt of The Netherlands, and Peliti Associati of Italy. The chance for publication in so many languages, right off the bat, is a great opportunity for professional photographers ready to break into markets all over Europe. Click here to find out how to enter.

Last year's winning entry, "As I Was Dying," by Paolo Pellegrin, has just been released by award participants Dewi Lewis. This book captures moving (and often brutal) images of human tragedy and suffering. The horrors of war is the main subject in Pellegrin's photographs, and the vulnerable families and disadvantaged communities that inevitably are caught in the middle. For more about this entry, visit Dewi Lewis here.

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CALL FOR ENTRIES: Los Angeles Center for Digitial Art

The Los Angeles Center for Digitial Art (LACDA)'s annual "Top 40" Competition will be accepting entries for the juried exhibition, which will take place April 10 to May 3, 2008. Entrants are invited to submit three works of original photography and/or digital media, saved as .jpeg format. All styles and mediums involving some kind of digital process in the creation of images are acceptable, as are entries from anywhere in the world. 40 selected finalists will receive one print (of up to 24x36) to be mounted and displayed at the juried exhibition.

Registration fee is $30.Multiple entries are permitted, so long as the appropriate fee is paid. Deadline for entries is March 20, 2008.


"Many artists from this exhibit continue their relationship with LACDA for exhibit in solo shows, exhibits curated outside of LACDA and exhibit in art and photo fairs where LACDA participates. All entries are given special consideration for exhibiting at LACDA and outside exhibitions where we are featured."

Juried by Rex Bruce, the exhibition will donate its proceeds to the community of curators and gallery programs in Los Angeles. This community is often on the lookout for new contemporary work. The reception for the juried show will coincide with the Downtown Art Walk. Click here for details on the gallery, and how to enter online.

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WORKSHOP: Advanced Photography in San Francisco

From May 5 to May 8, 2008, Photographer and Digital Expert Mark Nelson will present advanced workshops on platinum/palladium printing and conversion to precision digital negatives. Taking place at Ed Carey Photography in San Francisco, this workshop will give photographers a chance to go hands-on using Nelson's own workflow techniques. Quality takes precedence over quantity, however, and Nelson will teach participants how to get the most out of their digital negatives. Workshop activities encompass the down-and-dirty process of printmaking, with lectures and demonstrations mixed with, hopefully, time for everyone to wash their hands before they sit down in front of their workstations.

Curve Calculator II will be used for all curve calculation and calibration, and Nelson will teach participants the ins and outs of this and other workflow applications for either Windows users or Mac addicts. A gallery visit will also take place. Gallery 291, in the San Francisco Shopping District, was recently started by workshop hosts Ed and Holly Carey, and is currently exhibiting works by CameraArts cover photographer Beth Moon (CameraArts March/April 2008).

Mark Nelson is also the founder of Precision Digital Negatives (not to be confused with the other PDN) and is currently hosting March workshops in Texas for both beginners and advanced photographers.

Workshop fee is $750. Click here to learn more about this workshop.

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Trio of Humanistic Photography Exhibits at Hallmark Museum

Starting March 20, and running through June 15, 2008, three photography exhibitions will open at the Hallmark Museum of Contemporary Photography, each covering a unique and often unknowable way of life. In Gallery 56, Linda Butler will present "Meditations on Simplicity," a visual contemplation of the legacy of the Shakers, a religious society with its peak in the Eastern United States more than a hundred years gone; Lili Almog will present "Perfect Intimacy," an exploration of three Carmelite female monasteries in Maryland, Israel, and Bethlehem; and in Gallery 85, Stella Johnson presents "AL SOL," a series assembled from two decades' worth of photography among the rural people of Mexico, Nicaragua, and West Africa.

The Museum's featured galleries will be open for longer than usual on the day of the reception on March 29, and Almog and Butler will give talks, then sign copies of their books. A seperate reception for Johnson will be held later, on April 26. The Hallmark Institute of Photography Educational Center will host an artist's talk after the reception. It seems curious to push the reception back on the calendar, until you consider Stella's globespanning assignments and photographic outreach projects.

The emphasis of this exhibition is on the human condition, and all three photographers are superb examples of expression by camera of a people's way of life. For example, Johnson travelled to Mexico in 2006 as a Fulbright Senior Specialist, teaching documentary photography and possibilities for the archiving of cultures in visual forms at (deep breath) the Regional Center for Multidisciplinary Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, (CRIM-UNAM) in Cuernavaca. Almog's portraits have appeared in the most respected photography journals in the United States, Britain, and Germany. Butler has had more than 50 solo exhibitions in the US, Canada, and Japan.

To learn more about these photographers, their names are linked to their personal websites, all with excellent galleries. Hallmark Museum's information is still anemic, but that is bound to change soon as the premiere draws closer. Click here to go to the Museum's website.

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Chicago Arts District to debut more than 30 exhibitions

On March 14, 2008, as a part of 2nd Fridays gallery night in Chicago, 30 member galleries of the Chicago Arts District will present new exhibitions, with many of the artists in attendance. It is part of a preview buildup to ARTROPOLIS Gallery Night on April 25, 2008. Visiting artists Theaster Gates and Barbara Hashimoto will present installations at 2003 S Halsted, the original address and main exhibition building of the Chicago Arts District. The event will also feature performances by the EP Theater. Many fine photographers are sure to be exhibiting at this event.

Hashimoto's installation "Junk Mail" involves photography, but only in a tangential way: imagine years of junk mail catalogs, with bright color photos stained by moisture and age, brought together into a monstrous sculpture. Gates will present a multimedia videography and still-image project, while bringing people of every race and creed to discuss the state of the world over a dinner table designed by the artist.

Though not strictly photography either, the installation/political forum is sure to make intriguing documentary material.
Also, a presentation titled "Trade Show" will run in the Chicago Arts District's Special Exhibition space. It will be a combination of text, movement, and video portraits, along with 100 bags of used clothing, and will examine the unseen laws of labor that link all individuals making up a society, and the mysteriousness with which the thing keeps relentlessly chugging along.

The Chicago Arts District member galleries are listed here. No matter your preference in fine art, this should be a magnificent event!

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Henry Art Gallery presents Kader Attia

In Seattle, Washington, The Henry Art Gallery, one of the most notable art destinations for fans of photography and contemporary art will present an exhibition from photographer Kader Attia: "New Work," running February 29 to May 25, 2008. Nestled in between the University of Washington campus and the always-hip University District, the Henry saw considerable renovations in 1997, which quadrupled the showing space, added an outdoor sculpture garden, and transformed the interior into an ideal showing space for both two dimensional wall artwork and large installations. Kader Attia, in an unusual twist, will be presenting in both mediums in the Stroum Gallery section. Photography, videography, and even sculpture will comprise the French-Algerian artist's first solo exhibition in the US.

From the Henry Art Gallery:

"Attia, born in 1970 to a Muslim family of Algerian origin, grew up in the outskirts of Paris in a largely immigrant-populated area. The impact the environment in which Attia grew up permeates much of the artist’s works. His early work captured identity and gender issues in Muslim immigrant populations living in a French consumerist society. Attia’s recent projects have turned darker and more intimate, presenting an apocalyptic outlook on the suburban landscape of today. His recent installations move away from explicit narratives to explore the affect of architectural scale."

Attia has taken a month-long residence at the Henry to create new work for the exhibition. The main installation, titled "Rocher Carré," was created specifically for the exhibiton, along with new drawings to complement the artist's work on film. The Henry should make an ideal showing space for such a multi-faceted exhibition. The installation titled "Ghost" will also be presented. The sculpture depicts scores of seated women, wearing hoods while at prayer, made from aluminum foil and deprived of facial features or any suggestion of individuality.

Click here for more information on the exhibition.

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A quick note to all who have been leaving comments:

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My apologies!

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Galerie Poller in New York presents Kerim Aytac

Galerie Poller, of both New York and Frankfurt fame, presents a new exhibition of photography by Kerim Aytac: "Tokyo Hotel", running from Thursday, February 14, to April 5, 2008. A British-Turkish photographer, Aytac balances the style of his work between the abstract and the representational, the meditative and the obscure. These are not action photographs, nor are they meant to be true-life images. Instead, every photograph impresses as a self-contained mystery, as if the images displayed are those stolen from a person who is just waking in this environment. Galerie Poller is an excellent partner for this photographer, being solely dedicated to contemporary photography since 2002.

From Galerie Poller, originally by Kate Keara Pelen:

"Kerim Aytac seems to resist clichés of composition, resist the 'good' shot. Instead he seeks out small, incidental, sometimes even unremarkable goings-on. At times the work brings to mind Robert Frank or Walker Evans. But in fact these images adopt more of an in-between viewpoint; alongside an American low picturesque there is also nostalgia for the French semi-abstract black-and-white tradition. The B&W also serves to bring everything to an equal formal level; layers of reflections, markings and traces dissolve into the surface on the brink of the recognisable. As a viewer you have to struggle to identify individual elements, which resist, like embedded ciphers."

Aytac's website can be viewed

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UnScene San Francisco features city's merging photographers

A collaboration between W San Francisco Hotel, 944 Magazine, and the UnScene Photography Tour presents UnScene San Francisco, a celebration of San Francisco's emerging photographers and gallery exhibition. This is only one stop in a multi-city event, comprising exhibitions in Dallas, New Orleans, San Diego, and New York, to name a few. Each juried event will feature five local artists, the top rated of which will receive a solo exhibition at a local gallery: in this case Jack Fischer Gallery. All events are held at participating W Hotels. The event will take place March 19, 2008, at W San Francisco.

The deadline for submissions is February 29, 2008. Click here to sign up, or for more information on future stops on the UnScene Photography Tour in 2008.

From the UnScene Photography Tour:

"Specializing in contemporary art and photography, the Jack Fischer Gallery will be judging the UnScene artists along with Emmy Kasten, editor-in-chief of 944 Magazine and the W San Francisco management team. All works will be on sale the night of the 19th with proceeds benefiting Creativity Explored, a nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit, and sell art."

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Paul Ferman continues international tour of Necessary Illusions

Paul Ferman, Australian photographer and creator of the groundbreaking series "Necessary Illusions," will be exhibiting his mixed-media images at Interno Ventidue in Rome. Following an exhibition at M.O.P. Gallery in Sydney, Ferman continues his exhibition tour of composite photographic satire. The subject is Western culture's growing preoccupation with celebrity, and the vulgarity of tabloid sensationalism. With shocking juxtapositions of glossy magazine covers (deceptive, flashy headlines, airbrushed bodies and faces, and much more) with photographs of tragedy, squalor, and disaster, Ferman has attached an artistic microscope to the rose-colored lens of popular culture.

Fashion photography buffs need not picket this one: images of beautiful models and clothing are frequently covered up by other subjects, leaving only the over-energetic proclamations from an editorial formed and fed by information mass-consumption. With glamour squarely out of the equation, the context is completely transformed. There is also a savvy consciousness that points to a twisted kind of optimism: the anodyne of the masses is taking on a life of its own, and Ferman hints that is a childish, misguided—but benevolent—consciousness that is linking more and more people together.

From Paul Ferman's website:

"Celebrity Culture, let's call him CC, has followed a long and winding road to enlightenment, searching his soul in areas such as spiritualism, the arts, benevolent work and the media. It therefore seems only right that CC would at some point begin to compile sacred texts on all he has learnt."

Rome has ever been a center of art, both from the finest classical traditions and from the cutting-edge. This exhibition will satisfy fans of the latter, though this exhibition risks passing Rome's glamour community in the night, despite the prestige of the venue. Click here to view a gallery of images.

Image: Necessary Illusions #323 © Paul Ferman.

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New Exhibition: CameraArts feature artist Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin

Based in Minneapolis, MN Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin (CameraArts November/December 2007) will be participating in a two-person show in her home city. Nina Bliese Gallery will be hosting the exhibition,which will feature Hofkin's inrared photographs, along with the wood sculpture of Robyn Horn. The exhibition begins February 18 and runs throughMarch 28, 2008. Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin's participation in a cultural exchange program in Israel led to her photographs being featured in a permanent installation at the Poriya Hospital in Tiberias, Israel.

From Nina Bliese Gallery:

"She recently exhibited her work in a one person show at Nof Tavor in Israel, and in June, 2007, her photographs were featured in a solo exhibition at the Givatayim Theatre in Tel Aviv. She says of her work, 'In my photographs, the elements of the invisible and immeasurable are added to the image area to produce surprises that may be frightening or exhilarating…or both. After all, many aspects of life are beyond our control.'”

Go here to see Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin's personal website.

To see more images, go to the gallery's website here.

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Exhibition Chronicles Turning Point in American Photography

"Debating Modern Photography: The Triumph of Group f/64" is an exhibition honoring both sides of a debate about the direction and state of photography in the 1930s. Running February 16 to May 4, 2008, at the Center for Creative Photography, the exhibition will present works from the members of Group f/64, including Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Willard Van Dyke, Sonya Noskowiak, Edward Weston, to name a few; and from the practitioners of the pictorial tradition of photography, which was the dominant style at the time that the group was formed. The mechanical nature of Group f64's images, with bold, angular shapes and strong shadows, and the painterly, soft-focus style that came before are presented as 100 works by 16 artists.

Pictorial photographers of the 1930s, like Anne Brigman, William Dassonville, Johan Hagemeyer, William Mortensen, and Karl Struss, represent the lasting tradition, heavily involved in hand-crafting images, dignified portraits, and romantic landscapes. As a result, photographs from the "pictorial" era are closer to individual, painterly visions, both in the method of creation and in the adherence to form and subject matter.

Group f/64 made its first exhibition a reality at de Young Memorial Museum on November 15, 1932, after uniting in San Francisco to celebrate the camera's underappreciated attributes: specifically, the exacting focus and clarity achievable at the aperture setting that made the group's name. Now, this retrospective exhibition comes courtesy of the Center for Creative Photography and the Phoenix Art Museum.

From the Center for Creative Photography:

“Group f/64 photographs include nearly every possible category: industrial, urban and natural landscapes; portraits of friends and fellow group members; isolated objects for sharp-focus still lifes; and details extracted from the visible world. ...To distinguish themselves from the Pictorialists, (Group f/64) wrote, 'Pure photography is defined as possessing no qualities of technic [sic], composition or idea, derivative of any other art-form.'"

Reception speakers include Susan Ehrens, who will examine the photographic legacies of Anne Brigman, Imogen Cunningham, and Alma Lavenson; and Joan Fontcuberta will "discuss the tension between truth and beauty that has propelled photography's evolution since its origin." The reception takes place March 28, 2008, at the Center for Creative Photography Gallery at the University of Arizona.

Click here for details.

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Polaroid and Film part ways

Polaroid Corp. has sealed the deal on its breakup with film photography, and is closing factories in the US, Mexico, and the Netherlands. The Polaroid camera was a familiar sight to anyone growing up in the 20th Century (amazing that such a statement can make a 25-year old blogger feel so old). The last Polaroid instant camera was released in 2006, and production of consumer cameras was halted a year later. Polaroid will be changing its focus to digital photography and flat-screen monitors, and has only manufactured enough film to last through 2009. There is good news, though: Polaroid plans to share its technology with third-party, niche-oriented companies.

From Bloomberg:

"'Last month, Polaroid unveiled a line of Zink printers that can develop wallet-sized photos from digital cameras in 60 seconds. The company plans to roll out larger-format printers in coming years,' (Tom Beaudoin, Chief Operating Officer, Polaroid Corp.) said. 'Polaroid also makes DVD players, TVs and other electronics, which brings in about $1 billion in annual sales,' he said."

The Polaroid 600 series of film is perhaps the most recognized: the thick white border is unmistakable. What are not are the other products mentioned above. Who has seen a Polaroid DVD Player on someone's shelf? It's easy to imagine that anything with the "Polaroid" brand will appeal to white-border fanatics, but there's no doubt that the company has liquidated the film for its most prized and famous product.

The artful possibilities of the Polaroid are universally simple, and manipulating the image can be done by a fourth grader (with the help of an adult to boil the water). With the relegation of this medium into the world of technological relics, it seems that Polaroid will deprive future generations of yet another thing that doesn't need to be plugged in.

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No less than four calls for entry are now open to photographers. "Abstractions in the Landscape," at The Darkroom in New Orleans, is inviting submissions of non-representational urban and/or natural landscapes. "Railway Reflections," an international railroad art exhibition, is seeking one hundred works to be displayed in at the Nevada State Library Gallery in Carson City, NV. The Art of Photography Show is still accepting entries, with the exhibition taking place at the Lyceum Theatre Gallery in Historic San Diego, CA. Last but not least, Communication Arts magazine is now accepting entries for their 49th Photography Competition, with the winners to be published in the August 2008 Photography Annual.

"Abstractions in the Landscape," juried by photographer Sandra Russell Clark, is open to all processes and media, with an entry fee of $20. The juried exhibition will open May 17, 2008. The deadline for entries is April 11, 2008. Click here for details.

"Railway Reflections" offers $5,000 in cash awards, is open to the mediums of painting, photography, sculpture, and drawing. Entry fee is $25 per piece, up to a limit of three entries. Deadline for submissions is May 14, 2008. The exposition, running July 17 to August 17, 2008, will donate 30 percent of its proceeds to the reconstruction of the historic Virginia & Truckee Railroad. Click here for details.

The Art of Photography Show takes place April 25 to May 23, 2008. $5,000 cash awards are available for first to fourth place, as well as 11 honorable mentions. Carol McCusker, Curator of Photography at the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, will serve as juror. Entry fee is $25 for the first entry, $10 for each additional entry, with no limit to the number of entries per photographer. Deadline is March 1, 2008. Click here for details. Go here for a trailer from the 2007 Art of Photography Show.

Communication Arts' 49th Photography Competition is open to any photograph printed or produced between March 14, 2007 and March 11, 2008. Winning photographs are selected by a panel of distinguished art directors, photographers, and designers, then published in the August 2008 Photography Annual, of which 70,000 copies will be distributed worldwide. Deadline for the competition is March 11, 2008. Click here for details.

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WORKSHOPS: Fotofest 2008

Two public workshops, "Career Builders and Art Makers," and "Publishing Photo Books Today," will be running in March 2008 during Fotofest 2008 in Houston, TX. Taking place March 11 and March 16, respectively, both are coordinated by Mary Virginia Swanson, photography marketing consultant and prolific blogger. HP is collaborating on hosting "Career Builders," a comprehensive course on marketing one's art and building a business by promoting oneself in editorial, curatorial, and online markets; and Darius Himes, Editor and Publisher of Radius Books in New Mexico, is co-hosting "Publishing Photo Books." Both workshops have a $150 registration fee.

Each workshop will have nine speakers each. Brian Paul Clamp, Director of ClampArt Gallery; Katherine Ware, of the Philadelphia Museum of Arts; Manfred Zollner, Photo Editor of FOTOMagazin; artists Sean Perry and Lisa M. Robinson; Denise Wolff of Phaidon Publishing; and Thomas Hoepker of Magnum Photos are but a few of the excellent speakers who will be joining the hosts for these one-day workshops.

Fotofest, the Twelfth International Biennial of Photography and Photo-Related Art, runs March 7 to April 8, 2008. Click here for more information, and to register.

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CameraArts Preview Portfolios: February 6, 2008

After a long hiatus, the first CameraArts Preview Portfolios of the New Year have arrived! Cindy Bendat presents images of tattoo ceremonies and village life from halfway around the world, in her series "Bangkok Tattoo." Christina Koci Hernandez portrays the world of Luchadore, or Mexican Wrestling, in stunning black and white photographs. Seth Jacobs presents contemporary photographs of the former Soviet Union.

After you look at the galleries, don't forget to leave comments below the fold!

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CALL FOR ENTRIES: New York Photo Awards 2008

Starting February 1, 2008, the New York Photo Awards will be accepting entries from photographers all over the world, in the search for exciting new work that breaks new ground and challenges common perception. The awards, introduced during the New York Photo Festival, will give participants the opportunity to interact with key experts and decision-makers in the photographic, editorial, fine art, and fashion communities. The New York Photo Awards ceremony will take place May 16, 2008. Only works in the fields of photography, multimedia photography, and multimedia video, produced or published between December 1st, 2006 and January 31st, 2008 are eligible for submission.

Submissions will be accepted until April 14, 2008.

From the New York Photo Awards:

"All Award Winners and Honorable Mentions will enjoy unprecedented visibility for their work. In addition to the New York Photo Awards ceremony, their work will be showcased on the New York Photo Awards and New York Photo Festival websites, and published in leading photo magazines. These artists are also automatically eligible for inclusion in a beautifully produced New York Photo Awards Annual by powerHouse Books. The Annual will be published in November 2008."

Entry Categories include, for professionals: Editorial; Personal Work/ Unpublished/ Fine Art; Advertising; Books; and Multimedia. Student Categories: Editorial; Personal Work/Unpublished; Books; and Multimedia. Entry fees for professionals are $30 per photograph; $90 per published book, catalog, editorial, or any other periodical; and $75 per multimedia selection. Entry fees for students are $10 per photograph; $50 per 12-image portfolio; and $45 per multimedia submission.

Visit for more information.

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An Industry Tribute to Bruce Fraser

Digital imaging pioneer Bruce Fraser was honored during Macworld 2007 a year ago, and now the tribute is available on DVD. Adobe, Apple, Epson America, Hewlett Packard Company, Microsoft Corporation, Peachpit Press, and X-Rite, Incorporated have collaborated on this presentation of some of the industry's biggest and most notable names, both corporate and individual. The emphasis was on stories of working with Fraser and hearing his unique perspectives—and also of his contributions to art. The committee of the Bruce Fraser Tribute, including Larry Baca, R. Mac Holbert, Chris Murphy, Andrew Rodney and Jeff Schewe, are asking for donations from the graphic arts community to help raise funds for the medical expenses left in Fraser's passing.

From last year's
Tribute press announcement:

"The program will culminate in a rousing, raised-glass Scottish toast featuring Fraser’s favorite Single-Malt Scotch in a heart-felt farewell to this beloved industry legend, the ultimate champion of the 'end-user' and clarity in software design."

The 20-year evolution of digital imaging and desktop color was also a cause-celibre for the event and its hosts, including musician and artist Graham Nash. Other speakers included "geeks and non-geeks who knew Bruce along the way: landscape photographer Stephen Johnson; Apple Fellow and photographer Bill Atkinson; Adobe Photoshop engineers Thomas Knoll and Mark Hamburg; and others.

To find out more about this DVD, or to make a contribution, visit the Tribute's website

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Farmani Gallery presents Helen K. Garber and L.A Noir.

Starting February 5 and running through March 1, 2008, Farmani Gallery will present a special exhibition of Helen K. Garber's nocturnal city landscapes, called "L.A. Noir." A multimedia presentation, the exhibition will incorporate Garber's black and white photographs with bebop jazz music and pulpy narration. The age of classic film noir, fueled by the images of Humphrey Bogart smoking his cigarette, or Welles gazing up at the damning finger of the partner who he murdered, are often associated with these images, but Garber casts them in a different light. The images are often tranquil, and the light makes old motels and highway stops look pristine. A top pick for the 2006 Santa Fe Prize in Photography, the exhibition has been shown at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art in New Paltz, NY, and the Venice Art Walk in Venice, CA.

A percentage of sales from the exhibition will be donated to the Los Angeles Conservancy, which preserve many of the old spots that have become visually synonymous with film noir from the 1940's and 50's.

Julian Cox, former photo curator at The Getty Center, said:

"This work demonstrates a fresh and distinct photographic vision, one that sparks new understandings and imaginings about the city of Los Angeles and its elusive mythologies. Image and text are woven together with considerable skill and flair, the one informing and complementing the other. Of course many artists have photographed Los Angeles over the years, but none with quite the wit and acuity of vision that is found in L.A. Noir."

Tim Anderson, managing editor of CameraArts Magazine, said of the exhibition:

"Helen K. Garber’s haunting, enigmatic Urban Noir scenes have haunted as well as taunted me. Garber has taken street photography to new depths of the imagination. Rather than viewing stark, in-your-face images, you see visions of things that might be, dreamscapes or landscapes of the mind."

In Farmani Gallery 2, during the same dates, Rose-Lynn Fisher (CameraArts January-February 2008) will be presenting "Liminal Spaces-Morocco." Farmani Gallery is the home of the International Photography Awards, of which Helen K. Garber is a sitting advisory board member. It is also the parent organization that presents the Lucie Awards. Click here for more information on this exhibition.

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