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Fujifilm increases prices for photographic papers and products

Fujifilm USA, to reflect international changes and price trends, have adjested the prices for their domestic market. Affected products include photographic papers, chemistry and other photosensitive products. Good news is increasingly hard to find for traditional photographers, as existing products grow ever more expensive, and most popular darkroom products have been discontinued entirely by companies like Kodak. Many digital photographers are quick to remind of the health risks, huge expenses, and general technical frustration to be encountered in the darkroom, though others have no intention of giving up this lightless sandbox anytime soon. Prices will increase by 10-20 percent, effective July 2008.

From Fujifilm's official announcement:

"Globally, Fujifilm has undertaken intensive structural reforms to reduce fixed costs and improve productivity. The company has continued to absorb increasing costs associated with raw materials used in the manufacture of films and papers in recent years. However, soaring costs of raw materials, such as, silver and crude oil have made it impossible for Fujifilm to continue to absorb these costs in its manufacturing process."

For more information on Fujifilm, go to their website.

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