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Delkin Devices, Inc. Announces ImageRouter Card Reader

Photographers in need of one file import system for any memory cards that may be on hand will be well-served by the cutting edge, DIMA Award-winning ImageRouter from Delkin Devices. The device comprises four UDMA-enabled card slots, a USB 2.0 CompactFlash card reader, and a built-in power source that allows the simultaneous use of all four slots. Unveiled at PMA 2008, the ImageRouter has an extremely fast chipset (with 29 MB/sec read and 27 MB/sec write through USB 2.0), and thanks to the back-up power hub, photographers with more than four memory cards may "daisy-chain" multiple image routers.

From Kathleen Finlayson, Delkin's New Product Specialist:

"Photographers don't have to sit and wait for each card to download. All of the product's features--the built-in hub, the four UDMA-enabled card slots, the ability to daisy-chain, the bundled software--give photographers the freedom to walk away from their desks during the data transfer process. That is the key to the ImageRouter."

The retail price for the software-free ImageRouter is $129.00. With Backupandburn software, retail price is $229.00. Go to Delkin's website for more information.

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