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Rosanne Olson's photographic celebration of the female form

Photographer Rosanne Olson aims for a sense of frankness in her new work of black-and-white images, titled "This Is Who I Am: Our Beauty in All Shapes in Sizes." "Our," in this case, being women of all ages, and the statement "This is who I am" announcing that this will not be a typical collection of glamour or fashion images. Flaws and wrinkles that are often airbrushed in magazine photos, and body types that one rarely associates with nude photography, are displayed here with an eye for the natural beauty of women.

The aged, scarred, overweight, and bony bodies are each accompanied by biographies of the women possessing them, and Olson, with candid telling, relates stories of life-threatening injuries, anorexia, or past sexual abuse. More superficial complaints about unfortunate bruises and sags are also included. Some women are friends, and others strangers met on the streets of Olson's City, Seattle. Many others traveled from New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Texas to be photographed.

To preview more of this book, visit Rosanne Olson's website here.

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