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MyPassport Studio Drives now available for Mac users

Western Digital (WD), makers of popular external memory devices such as Mybook, has introduced a Mac-formatted version of its new My Passport Studio portable drive. Equipped with both FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 interfaces, the new drive is available in 250 and 320 GB versions, both weighing less than five ounces and outfitted with a shock-resistant shell in metallic silver. Functionality with Apple Time Machine backup software (a part of the Apple Leopard Operating System) is also included, as well as a built-in USB power source. The needs of Mac-based users were kept clearly in mind for the design, and many features have been in high demand since the release of the first WD Passport Drive.

The retail price for the My Passport Studio portable drive is $159.99 for the 250 GB unit, and $219.99 for the 320 GB unit. You can find out more about ordering at WD's online store.



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