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An Industry Tribute to Bruce Fraser

Digital imaging pioneer Bruce Fraser was honored during Macworld 2007 a year ago, and now the tribute is available on DVD. Adobe, Apple, Epson America, Hewlett Packard Company, Microsoft Corporation, Peachpit Press, and X-Rite, Incorporated have collaborated on this presentation of some of the industry's biggest and most notable names, both corporate and individual. The emphasis was on stories of working with Fraser and hearing his unique perspectives—and also of his contributions to art. The committee of the Bruce Fraser Tribute, including Larry Baca, R. Mac Holbert, Chris Murphy, Andrew Rodney and Jeff Schewe, are asking for donations from the graphic arts community to help raise funds for the medical expenses left in Fraser's passing.

From last year's
Tribute press announcement:

"The program will culminate in a rousing, raised-glass Scottish toast featuring Fraser’s favorite Single-Malt Scotch in a heart-felt farewell to this beloved industry legend, the ultimate champion of the 'end-user' and clarity in software design."

The 20-year evolution of digital imaging and desktop color was also a cause-celibre for the event and its hosts, including musician and artist Graham Nash. Other speakers included "geeks and non-geeks who knew Bruce along the way: landscape photographer Stephen Johnson; Apple Fellow and photographer Bill Atkinson; Adobe Photoshop engineers Thomas Knoll and Mark Hamburg; and others.

To find out more about this DVD, or to make a contribution, visit the Tribute's website

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