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NEW CALLS FOR ENTRY: The Center for Fine Art Photography

The Center for Fine Art Photography has announced new calls for entry: The Society for Photographic Education (SPE) Show, for SPE members, will exhibit 50 chosen photographs in the Center's online gallery. Ten final photographers will be selected from the fifty to have their works exhibited at the Center's gallery space in Fort Collins, Colorado. Also, a chosen photographer will have his or her work exhibited in a two-page portfolio spread in a future issue of CameraArts! What's more, The Center for Fine Art Photography has also announced The Artful Nude, juried by none other than Kim Weston. Along with the ever-considerable cash awards, participants have a chance to be selected for a $300 workshop award, applicable towards Mr. Weston's Workshop, to be held August 1-4 in Fort Collins. This is your chance to visit the home of this wonderful organization and learn from a true master of the female form.

From The Center for Fine Art Photography:

"Artists have been depicting images of the human body since the early cave dwellers. Nude images engender a unique interest and emotion. We are continuously fascinated with struggle to create images of the unadorned human form. This call for entry focuses on the true art of the nude."

Visit Weston Photography here.

The deadline for The Society for Photographic Education Show is February 26, 2008. Deadline for The Artful Nude is April 8, 2008. Click on the listed deadlines (either here or in the sidebar) to learn more.

Image: Sarah, © Kaitlyn Boucher

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