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Henry Art Gallery presents Kader Attia

In Seattle, Washington, The Henry Art Gallery, one of the most notable art destinations for fans of photography and contemporary art will present an exhibition from photographer Kader Attia: "New Work," running February 29 to May 25, 2008. Nestled in between the University of Washington campus and the always-hip University District, the Henry saw considerable renovations in 1997, which quadrupled the showing space, added an outdoor sculpture garden, and transformed the interior into an ideal showing space for both two dimensional wall artwork and large installations. Kader Attia, in an unusual twist, will be presenting in both mediums in the Stroum Gallery section. Photography, videography, and even sculpture will comprise the French-Algerian artist's first solo exhibition in the US.

From the Henry Art Gallery:

"Attia, born in 1970 to a Muslim family of Algerian origin, grew up in the outskirts of Paris in a largely immigrant-populated area. The impact the environment in which Attia grew up permeates much of the artist’s works. His early work captured identity and gender issues in Muslim immigrant populations living in a French consumerist society. Attia’s recent projects have turned darker and more intimate, presenting an apocalyptic outlook on the suburban landscape of today. His recent installations move away from explicit narratives to explore the affect of architectural scale."

Attia has taken a month-long residence at the Henry to create new work for the exhibition. The main installation, titled "Rocher Carré," was created specifically for the exhibiton, along with new drawings to complement the artist's work on film. The Henry should make an ideal showing space for such a multi-faceted exhibition. The installation titled "Ghost" will also be presented. The sculpture depicts scores of seated women, wearing hoods while at prayer, made from aluminum foil and deprived of facial features or any suggestion of individuality.

Click here for more information on the exhibition.

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