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Chicago Arts District to debut more than 30 exhibitions

On March 14, 2008, as a part of 2nd Fridays gallery night in Chicago, 30 member galleries of the Chicago Arts District will present new exhibitions, with many of the artists in attendance. It is part of a preview buildup to ARTROPOLIS Gallery Night on April 25, 2008. Visiting artists Theaster Gates and Barbara Hashimoto will present installations at 2003 S Halsted, the original address and main exhibition building of the Chicago Arts District. The event will also feature performances by the EP Theater. Many fine photographers are sure to be exhibiting at this event.

Hashimoto's installation "Junk Mail" involves photography, but only in a tangential way: imagine years of junk mail catalogs, with bright color photos stained by moisture and age, brought together into a monstrous sculpture. Gates will present a multimedia videography and still-image project, while bringing people of every race and creed to discuss the state of the world over a dinner table designed by the artist.

Though not strictly photography either, the installation/political forum is sure to make intriguing documentary material.
Also, a presentation titled "Trade Show" will run in the Chicago Arts District's Special Exhibition space. It will be a combination of text, movement, and video portraits, along with 100 bags of used clothing, and will examine the unseen laws of labor that link all individuals making up a society, and the mysteriousness with which the thing keeps relentlessly chugging along.

The Chicago Arts District member galleries are listed here. No matter your preference in fine art, this should be a magnificent event!

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