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Winners announced for The Singular Image and Project Competition

Center, the partner organization of Santa Fe Workshops, has announced the winners for their annual Project Competition and The Singular Image Awards. Hiroshi Watanabe's photographic project, "Ideology in Paradise," took top honors in the Project Competition, as did color photographer Dorthe Alstrup and black-and-white artist Joseph Guerriero in the Singular Image Awards' two categories. Congratulations also to the Juror's Choice recipients in the Project Competition, Walter Astrada, Dean Hollowood, and Marvi Lacar; selected Singular Image color entrants Kathryn Parker and Brad Moore (Second and Third Place, respectively); and entrants of Singular Image's Black and White category, Anna Boyiazis and Bob Gates.

The winning projects were chosen by a jury comprising Charlotte Cotton, Curator of Photography, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA); Chris Pichler, Publisher at Nazraeli Press; and Susan Scandrett, Creative Director of Mother Jones magazine.

From Charlotte Cotton, Chris Pichler and Susan Scandrett:

"We unanimously selected work that demonstrated active choices made by the photographer to represent what was of genuine interest to them. This is reflected in the range of our selections and the range of contemporary concerns. We saw many portfolios that referred to the rich heritage of photography: for instance social documentary; ecological projects; the photographic journey; and investigations of families and small communities. The most inspiring projects that we saw were natural yet innovative departures from these genres."

Click here to view all of the winning images at

Image © Hiroshi Watanabe.

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