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All Fujifilm Imaging Products to form single point of order

Fujifilm has just announced that it will be incorporating its Wide Format Inkjet unit into its generic imaging division of Fujifilm U.S.A. This move is expected to make it easier for retailers and professional labs to order any kind of product from one source at Fujifilm. The company has also introduced a simplified, streamlined ordering process for all of its 250 products, including inks, papers, and printers.

Wide format printing products have joined the already impressive roster of professional products, including everything from video to printing tools, at Fujifilm. In addition, Consumer products available at Fujifilm USA include still and film digital cameras and printers, while Commercial and Government-oriented supplies include microfilm, semi-conductors, and commercial-quality printing solutions. It seems that everything under the sun in photography is now under one roof.

Fujifilm USA can be accessed via its website here.

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