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Think Tank Photo brings new concept to bags for photographers

With the release of its new "Skin" Series of modular bags, Think Tank Photo has brought new ideas and inventions into the mix for photographers on the move. New security features include improved protection for photographer's gear and a "Security Plate" System for the identification and tracking of lost bags. Every bag has a unique serial number that can be tracked at Think Tank's website. Features also include a combination zipper lock, a security cable (think bike locks for cameras), and a secure laptop attache for roller bags. Also, the new "Skin" series bags are fully collapsible to maximize space while traveling.

The material forgoes the extra foam padding so often associated with photographer's bags, and is designed with the working photographer in mind. Think Tank's "Lock or Rotate" technology is present here, and all components for cameras, multiple lenses, and SLR flash units can be easily accessed from the Skin Belt, where they can rotate around freely or be locked in position. The Skin Set is intended to work with a minimum of noise, to avoid startling that elusive subject, whether they are cranes waiting above water, or a transient man who has yet to wake up.

Among the new line of Roller Bags, the Airport Airstream has received the most acclaim, having been included in the "Hot One Awards" of 2008 in Professional Photographer magazine. By synthesizing the qualities of a large camera bag with international carry-on size requirements, and including space for a laptop bag to be securely stored inside, Think Tank Photo has combined comfort, security, and ease of use in their new line.

From Doug Murdoch, Think Tank Photo’s founder and lead designer:

“As they are rollers, photographers can move quickly from one flight to the next and without the burden of carrying this weight on their shoulders. The goal is to minimize the wear and tear on their bodies and the fears associated with transporting expensive photographic equipment.”

The Airport Airstream comes at a price tag of $289. The Airport International V2.0 retails for $329. Visit Think Tank's website for more information.

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