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AUCTION: Daniel Cooney presents photographs, photographic literature

Daniel Cooney's Early Spring Fine Art Auction has only a few more days before its close on Thursday, March 6, 2008. The lots are divided into photography, photographic literature, and painting categories. Daniel Cooney is holding this auction in conjunction with, a partnership that occurs three times a year. As always, a preview of available lots is taking place at the exhibition space in New York City. None of the selections in this auction have been solicited from individual artists, thus creating a collection of images that stand fully on their own merit, in which the contest is decided by those at the helm of the auction.

Click here to view some of the selections available for auction, as well as estimated prices and the final selling price (where applicable).

Click here to view igavel's official auction site. Scroll down the list of photographs to see those that will remain available for the duration of the auction.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bicep Pose © Michael McKenzie

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