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The Center for Creative Photography: March Exclusives

The Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona presents a new line-up of events for the month of March 2008. First up is a Gallery Walk on March 9 with Becky Senf, organizer of "Debating Modern Photography: The Triumph of Group f/64." Senf will provide information on selected works and discuss their importance to the wider theme of this exhibition, which runs until May 4. Another Gallery Walk will take place April 24. On March 14, a lecture by Argentine photographer Marcelo Brodsky will discuss his work to remember “The Disappeared" as a result of military dictatorships in Latin America. Next up is a lecture presented by Joan Fontcuberta: "The Photography Paradox: Truth Against Beauty" takes place March 28.

From the Center for Creative Photography:

"Joan Fontcuberta, internationally acclaimed artist, curator, and theoretical writer, will discuss the tension between truth and beauty that has propelled photography's evolution since its origin. The aesthetic and ontological issues present in this tension can be observed in the present CCP exhibition, and in contemporary practice, including Fontcuberta’s own work."

For more information on upcoming events, click here to visit the Center's website.

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