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Western Digital announces new My Passport Elite Drive

A new mobile media storage device has been introduced by Western Digital, one that is designed to appeal to photographers—the MyPassport Elite Drive. Easy transfer of large files and back-up utilities are indeed essential to today's digital photographer, and the MyPassport brand was designed to meet these needs. The small size (of no more than 5 ounces) should appeal greatly to those with already overstuffed photography bags. MioNet software, a failsafe backup program that will allow photographers to retrieve images lost (while still on the road) also comes included.

Features include automatic backup, a USB power source, MioNet software-enabled remote access, and a massive 250 GB storage space. A capacity gauge is included as well, so the photographer can know, at a glance, how much room for how many pictures is still available. This package is priced at $169.99, while an even-more-whopping 350 GB edition retails for $199.99.

The My Passport Elite is available at WD's online store

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