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Juried exhibition: emerging (I) 3

The Creative Center for Photography's gallery space in Los Angeles, CA will be hosting a juried exhibition of silver prints in black and white created by students. The images were selected by Freestyle Photographic Supplies' Educational Steering Committee, a group of photographic educators dedicated to passing darkroom skills and other traditional techniques to future generations. Many institutions from California and beyond, like East LA College, the International Center for Photography, and Montana State University participated in this show. The exhibition will run from April 24 to June 25, 2008.

From FreeStyle:

"(The Freestyle Educational Steering Committee) offers advice and council to Freestyle Photographic Supplies with regard to supplies, curriculum, and
creative techniques. The Steering Committee also serves as a forum for the educators' thoughts and concerns about photography in the modern classroom."

Click here to find out more about FreeStyle.

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