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DHC Art presents six artistic visions of videography

DHC Art, the Montreal-based Foundation for Contemporary Art, will present an international exhibition, "Re-Enactments," with six artists whose work uniquely and brilliantly reassesses the mediums of film and media. Artists include Nancy Davenport, recipient of DHC's very first production grant; Stan Douglas, whose "Inconsolable Memories" draws inspiration from the Cuban film classic "Memories of Underdevelopment;" Harun Farocki, who will dissect the 2006 World Cup Final (with the infamous headbutt) using a dizzying number of perspectives; Ann Lislegaard will present a reenactment of daily life reflected on floorboard surfaces; Paul Pfeiffer melds the popular identity of Michael Jackson with the star's infamous run-ins with the law; and Kerry Tribe will simultaneously reinvent and pay homage to the TV masterpieces of Jean-Luc Goddard. The exhibition runs through May 25, 2008.

From DHC-Art:

"The aim is to generate new meanings and fresh relevance from this source material, often by reiterating its value in the form of homage or deflating its claims with critique, but always by rerouting it to mysterious and unexpected places. By vividly addressing politics, spectacle and subjectivity these re-workings of cultural texts or events of the past pose compelling questions about the present."

Click here to visit DHC's website.

Image: from Inconsolable Memories, ©Stan Douglas

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