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Roger Mayne exhibition at Gitterman Gallery

Gitterman Gallery, located in New York, has dedicated itself to the art of photography. The photographs of Roger Mayne will be displayed September 21 to November 30, 2007. Images are taken from the breadth of the photographer's career, from his most celebrated to more obscure images from the 1960s. Born in 1929, Roger Mayne became known for shooting working-class neighborhoods in his native England. His nature photography of rural England and other places will also be on view.

As a boy, Mayne turned to photography to escape a rigid, controlled living environment and relate to people. This is reflected in the pathos contained in these images of everyday people in 1950s England. The sympathetic feel of Mayne's camera reveals more than just the way people looked, dressed, and gathered.

From the Gitterman Gallery's press release:

"These spare cityscapes express the anxiety that though the coming modernization of London would provide better housing and cleaner streets, it would also mark the end of community life in the street. During his travels abroad in the Mediterranean and later the East, Mayne photographed wherever he found vibrant street life continuing to exist. His choice to make some large scale prints was uncommon for the time and emphasized the immediacy of his expression."

Click here to view a gallery of images.
Image ©Roger Mayne

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