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Canon and Nikon release new top-of-the-line DSLRs

Canon has announced their newest addition to the E0S Series. The E0S-1Ds Mark III's number of effective megapixels more than doubles its predecessor, the
E0S-1D, at 21.1 megapixels. The camera also introduces a full frame matching the size of 35mm film. Not to be outdone, Nikon announced shortly afterward its own contender for the cutting edge of medium-format cameras, the 12.1 megapixel D3.
This is Nikon's first SLR to have a full frame sensor.

From CNET:

"A full-frame sensor is a feature that some Nikon fans jealously eyed in Canon 35mm models. But adding it poses complications, especially for higher-end enthusiasts who've invested in Nikon lenses that support only the smaller DX size or who are considering new lens purchases. DX lenses will work only in a limited 5.1-megapixel mode on FX cameras, and the two formats can pose <>confusing compatibility and performance issues for consumers."

The price tag of Nikon's new FX system comes to about $5,000, and with the neccessary lens upgrades on top of it, this may be out of reach for even the truest, bluest Nikon enthusaists. Canon's E0S-1Ds is priced at $7,999.

Nikon has also opened a free training center on Flickr, the photo sharing website, designed to help everyday people get more out of their digital cameras. Check it out here.

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