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10 commercial photographers to be adapted in paintings by the disabled

Art Enables is a training and placement program that teaches painting to the developmentally disabled. The work of student Margie Smeller (who has Down's Syndrome) was the inspiration for the upcoming show, in which 10 commercial photographers will also participate. The exhibition, the reception of which will be held October 11, 2007 at Katayama Framing in Portland, OR, is to consist of photographs and the versions created by the painters at Art Enables. The photographers will not be able to see the paintings until they are unveiled.

All proceeds from the exhibition will benefit the individual painters and Art Enables. Donations will also be made to sponsors CCI Enterprises and Special Olympics Oregon. Participating photographers include Phil Bard, Steve Bloch, Sarah Boss, Laura Domela, Smith Eliot (CameraArts May/June 2007), Phil Harris, Joni Kabana, Adrian Klein, Allan Mandell, Kimberli Ransom, and Jane Schiffhauer.

Click here to visit Art Enables' website.

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At 10:04 AM, Anonymous Dan Cook said...

I would love to see any photos that might have been taken at the reception. does anyone out there have any? if so, you can email them to me at dcook@soor.ortg.
Dan Cook
Special Olympics Oregon


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