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Pentax opens part gallery showcase, part photo sharing website

Pentax has unveiled a new Photo Gallery website. Fully original in layout and design, built from scratch by in-house imaging professionals, this commerical-free site is intended to educate budding photographers about the creative capabilities of individual camera bodies and lenses. There is also a voting system, reminiscient of sharing sites like SmugMug, to gauge the popularity of photographers and their images.

Having launched August 6, 2007, the site features 2,500 selected works from more than 300 photographers of ages ranging from 16 to 80. More than 40 countries are depicted in these images, throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa, and the Pacific Rim. Biographies of each photographer are also posted.

Images are searchable by camera bodies and individual lenses as well, so surfing Pentax's galleries become much more than an elaborate ad for the company. The site has the potential for budding photographers looking to learn more about what kind of images can be shot with what cameras, or long-term professionals trying to make the leap into digital.

For photographers interested in being featured in the gallery,email Pentax for more information.

A flash demonstration of how the gallery works is also available here.

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