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Sony establishes Take Back Recycling Program

Sony has achieved a first: opening a national recycling program for its consumer electronics. Started in collaboration with Waste Management Recycle America, LLC, the program has opened 75 drop-off centers in the United States. There are plans to double the number within the year. Accepted items aren't limited to Sony products, fortunately, as products made by other manufacturers will be recycled—at market prices. The program officially opens on September 15, 2007.

From Sony's announcement:

"By recycling old electronics products, useful materials—such as glass, plastic and metals—can be collected and re-used in the manufacture of other products. Recycling not only minimizes the amount of waste disposed, it also minimizes the extraction of new raw materials from the earth and resources required for processing, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gases in the process."

Will other camera makers like Canon and Nikon follow? Sometimes a camera is busted beyond repair, or no one is interested in purchase. There is some demand for Digital SLR parts in the secondhand market, one that will grow as new versions proliferate. This does not apply to Point and shoots, however, and as their proliferation goes up (the new version has to come out soon, after all) we're simply going to see more and more of them gathering dust.

A complete list of WM Recycle America eCycling Drop-Off centers can be found at Sony's website.

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