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CALL FOR ENTRIES: BJP International Photography Award

The British Journal of Photography has announced the fourth annual BJP International Photography Award. Submissions should represent a single, cohesive body of work, and consist of 20 to 30 images. The winning photographer will have an exhibition of his or her images at The Association Gallery in Shoreditch, London. All printing from digital files or negatives will be done by Spectrum Photographic, one of Europe's leading fine art photography specialists. A Linhof Master Technika Classic 4x5 large format camera will also be provided, along with accessories valued at more than £5600 ($11,400), presented by Linhof Studio. Entry fee is £20 ($40 US).

The Deadline is September 24, 2007.

UK photographer Charlie Crane was the winner of last year's competition, and the resulting book, Welcome to Pyongyang, is now available from book publisher Chris Boot. An inside look at North Korea's tourism industry, the series presents its subjects, from architectural landmarks to classroom interiors, with a formality that makes the shoots seem like regal events. These images represent the pride of the North Korean people, meant to be shown to the rest of the world. Anything less would be far more difficult, and perhaps dangerous, to capture on film.

There is no fixed theme. The judges will be looking for an original perspective combined with high-quality images—a series that will carry a two-story exhibition. The winner will have to make his or her own travel arrangements to the exhibition. Click here to find out more about entering this year's competition.

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