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Nude in Public: Photography Shoots in Amsterdam and Mexico

Spencer Tunick is a New York-based photographer who captures massive works of performance art through his lens. These often involve crowds of nude people, captured in repose and in close proximity. Tunick plans to shoot two new series: one at the temple-pyramids of Teotihuacan, outside of Mexico City, which will take place May 6, 2007; and the other in Amsterdam, to take place at undisclosed times and locations.


Tunick's ongoing art project is a symbol for freedom. His images are abstractions that challenge to look differently towards nudity and privacy. His photographs and videos are the witnesses of these public events. Tunick has made many impressive installations world wide, in cities like Barcelona, Buenos Aires, London, Melbourne, New York and Sao Paulo.

Submissions are being accepted to appear in Tunick's installations at his website. You can view a gallery of his images at the website for I-20 Gallery in New York.


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