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Photos of theMonth, April 2007: Travel

San Marco Square, Venice
Originally uploaded by cameraartsblog.
San Marco Square, Venice
by Domenico Foschi
#7 of 10
Sepia toned Gelatin Silver Print

"I started to document Venice out of pure wonderment but, as I went along, the focus started to change." Venice is a doomed city, on one hand standing on soft ground, on the other it faces a rising sea level due to melting ice caps; its life expectancy is short and the magnitude of the problem is too big an obstacle for the limited human scale.

Four-wheeled transportation is impossible, giving the illusion that time has stopped. Venice has tried to defy the laws of nature, it has challenged what we call modern civilization and it is losing its war. It was born because of a war, as a refuge from the invader, and now is dying because of a conflict with modern times.

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