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The Third Annual powerHouse Publishing Workshops

This summer, powerHouse Books, publisher of fine art photography collections and other illustrated books, will offer a series of workshops aimed at aspiring and established artists, photographers, designers, and packagers looking to learn the ins and outs of the art book project.

Started in 1995, powerHouse Books has worked with the world’s top photographers, art directors, writers, and cultural icons. The Making The Book series consists of three workshops, taking place throughout August 2007. They are all limited in size to 6 participants each, due to the hands-on emphasis of the courses. These include Image Analysis & Sequence Editing with Daniel Power, Founder of powerhouse Books; Book Design & Dummy Preparation/Presentation with Kiki Bauer, Senior Designer of powerHouse Books; and The Edit and Sequence with Craig Cohen, Associate Publisher of powerHouse Books.

You can find application forms for all workshops at powerHouse Books here.

Applications are due by July 6, 2007. All workshops take place at the powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn, NY.


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