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Getty Conservation Institute and the Photograph

The San Francisco Chronicle has an article about Dusan Stulik, Project Manager for the Getty's Research on the Conservation of Photographs. It doesn't matter if you have reams of old family photos, daguerrotypes, palladium or selenium prints; Dusan Stulik wants it.

Many archival inks earn the name because of a 50 to 100 year survival period. We have come to the point, however, when so many early photographs have easily crossed the century mark. In 2000, the Getty Conservation Institute and Image Permanence Institute made a joint effort to initiate a conservation project for photographs. Stulik has his work cut out for him, since much research and deliberation is required for the simple analysis of the numerous materials used in image making all through the years. This is before one can even think about taking steps to conserve an image.

You can read the article here.


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