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FESTIVAL: LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph

Back for its second year, the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph is set to take place June 12-14 in Charlottesville, VA. During the festival, the downtown area will be transformed into a "living image," with exhibitions, outdoor projected presentations, film screenings, live interviews with photographers, and more. Photography of all kinds will be displayed everywhere: in the trees, in storefront windows, on the sides of buildings, and in numerous gallery spaces. The festival also marks the return of the popular and ground-breaking "Yourspace" exhibition, in which anyone can participate by printing and hanging original works.

Three photographers will also be honored for their long-standing contributions to the medium. Documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark, surrealist boundary- pusher Joel-Peter Witkin, and Time Magazine veteran James Nachtwey will create individual exhibitions and be interviewed by NPR's Alex Chadwick at the historic Paramount Theater.

From LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph:

"New in 2008 are the LOOK3 Workshops and Project Critique Sessions. Photographers of all skill levels will find invaluable instruction and experience by enrolling in classes taught by renowned photographers David Alan Harvey, William Albert Allard, Eugene Richards and Lynn Johnson. Also, Maggie Steber and MaryAnne Golon will lead Project Critique Sessions to help students edit and develop working photography projects. Last year LOOK3 sold out early so we encourage you to start planning now."

Two major outdoor screening presentations, "Shots" and "Works," will present a dizzying variety of work from officially participating artists. Please visit for full details about the festival.

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