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Presenting Humanitas: Images of India by Fredric Roberts

The Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, CA has announced a special exhibition of the work of Fredric Roberts (CameraArts September/October 2006). Titled "Humanitas: Images of India," the exhibition comprises scenes of everyday life in India, photographed by Roberts over five years. Roberts' photographic catalogue spans countries as diverse as India, Cambodia, Bhutan, Thailand, Myanmar, and China. The two books that have been released under the name of the series have received many honors, including Honorable Mentions in the Fine Art and People categories of the 2007 Lucie Awards.

Though Roberts' photographs are mostly simple portraits, the photographer's eye captures in these images the subtelties of human interaction, its cultural undertones, and real-life implications of globalization, with the small societies that still exist in resistance of the greater tide. The photographs possess a real sense of worldliness, most likely a benefit of Roberts' 30-year career as an investment banker (and one-time member of the Nasdaq Board of Directors), followed by a long list of contributions and service to various cultural organizations, such as President of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, and Founding Chairman of the Spotlight Awards Scholarship Program.

The exhibition takes place from May 3 to September 7, 2008.
Click here to visit the Museum of Photographic Arts' website.

Image ©Fredric Roberts.

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