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April 27 is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day!, a New York organization that offers educational videos and online information for kids, will celebrate Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (WPPD) on April 27, 2008. Kids are being encouraged to participate, thanks to an educational program, or "virtual field-trip," made to spread awareness to those far too young to remember a time when cameras lacked batteries, memory cards, and even lenses. Taking place on the last Sunday every April, WPPD is an all-inclusive event. Photographers around the world can participate by sending photos made by their pinhole cameras, and pictures of the custom-made cameras themselves.

From MeetMeAtThe

"Today, children of all ages can create their own pinhole camera with common household items. All that is needed is a light-tight container (such as an oatmeal box or can), a sewing needle to make the pinhole, a piece of film or photographic paper, scissors, tape, a piece of cardboard, and an active imagination."

For more information (and an excellent video) about how your kids can make their own pinhole camera, visit MeetMeAtThe To participate in WPPD, click here to go to their official website and view selections from last year.

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