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The International Weekend of Fine Art Photography

From October 31 to November 4, 2007, The Center for Fine Art Photography will present a weekend of celebrating photography. The historic Armstrong Hotel in Old Town, Fort Collins has generously offered discounted lodging rates to participants. The price of registration is $695.00, but a ten percent discount is being offered for applications made before October 1. The deadline for registration is October 8. A workshop will run through much of the weekend, and opportunities to interact with fellow photographers abound at concurrent events.

Zen and the Art of Photography, a workshop hosted by Doug Beasley, will run throughout. A seasoned photographer and educator, Beasley's work represents incredible light work, as seen in his nudes and portraiture, and an amazing eye for telling moments that suggest unseen truths, and make them felt to the viewer. Beasley's "Earth Meets Spirit" images are fine examples of this kind of evocation, and can be found on his superb website. Workshop participants will learn to deepen their visual awareness through field trips and visual exercises, while contemplating internal and external elements as they relate to the individual photographer.

A new documentary, "The Eloquent Nude," is to be screened at O'Dells Brewery. The film will examine the lives and legacies of Edward Weston and Charis Wilson, who together formed a fruitful (not to mention renowned) creative marriage. Wilson, who has supplied much of the material for this film, was more than Weston's model and love: she supported and inspired her husband for the 11 years they were together, even helped Weston to apply and be selected for for the Guggenheim Grant. Weston would be the first photographer to receive this honor.

The weekend will culminate in the 2007 International Exhibition of Fine Art Photography, with VIP and public receptions taking place November 2. The exhibition will feature 48 artists from six countries, selected by Roger Reynolds, immediate past president of The Royal Photographic Society, and Raymond Spence of the Warwickshire College School of Art. The next morning will offer the opportunity to have breakfast with the artists, followed by an evening talk by Beasley. An online version of the exhibition will be available on October 12. Click here for details about the selected photographers.

The Center for Fine Art Photography is always accepting entries for their current competition. Click here to find out more about their newest offering, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...

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