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WORKSHOP: David Wells' gateway to India

From February 17 to 27, 2007, veteran photographer and instructor David Wells will take a group of photographers on a tour of Southern India. Offered through the Strabo International Tour Company, the class, "A Photo & Cultural Tour to Southern India" will take students to some of India's most visually exotic and amazing places, the Palace of Mysore among them. Expect to see many places hidden away from the flow of mainstream tourism, while riding via coach, rail, and train. The schedule is intended to maximize photographic contact with the everyday people and sights of India.

The tour starts in Mammalapuram, then proceeds to Coimbatore, from which the group will travel to Southern India. Outings to temples, palaces, gardens, and small villages, will fill out the itinerary. Wells will help students realize the best light times for their photography. Wells has had photo-essays published in numerous international publications such as Newsweek, covering locales as varied as India, Bangladesh, California, Israel and Gaza. Wells has taught semester length classes and short week-long workshops at the University of Pennsylvania, Syracuse University, the International Center for Photography in New York City, the Maine Photographic Workshops, and many more.

David encourages participants to bring a small number of images for critique. He will answer individual questions during the workshop, as well as provide group instruction on photography basics such as exposure, composition, fill-flash, and methods to approach people on location. See his work here at

To learn more about this workshop, and to view a complete schedule, click here.

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