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Lensbabies Goes to the Movies

Lensbabies, creators of the one-of-a-kind Lensbaby 3G for digital and film cameras, have added to their catalog the PL Mount Lensbaby 3GPL selective focus lens for movie and video cameras. Announced at this year's PhotoPlus Expo, The Lensbaby 3GPL will work on any 16mm or 35mm PL camera. A PL adapter (for the 3GPL or SLR mount adapter (for the regular Lensbaby SLR 3G) is required for all video cameras. The current retail price for the 3GPL is $490.

From the Lensbabies web site:

"Dream sequence, hallucination, drunken reverie, fading memory—the creative possibilities are endless with the Lensbaby its still camera predecessors, Lensbaby 3GPL allows filmmakers to bring one part of their frame into sharp focus; a ‘sweet spot’ surrounded by gradually increasing blur. You can move the sweet spot of sharp focus anywhere in the photo by bending the lens."

Lensbabies has some glossy film clips available as examples on their site. Many are advertisements for other organizations and services that utilize the Lensbaby in assembling transitional shots. Yet another example of a relatively simple piece of technology opening up new creative possibilities.

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