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Strictly No Photography

Looks like the pesky, pervasive nature of electronic imaging and information has found its most concrete expression online. The expression of personal liberty is touted as the website Strictly No Photography's mission statement, and photos of places where photography is forbidden is the subject. The emphasis is on official photography-prohibited areas: the search for "girl's locker room" provided a shot of a Bourbon Street bordello, but nothing else on the subject. Users are invited to submit their own images taken with digital camera or cell phone.

From Strictly No Photography's website:

"What you can capture in the shot that's not allowed is unique. It can be in the surreptitious nature of its blur taken at speed or on the move with a long exposure. It can be in the crooked framing, taken on the skew shot from the hip or over an onlooker's shoulder. Shoot first then aim. Intriguing things seem to happen without the overriding intervention of the logical mind. The best shots are the ones loaded with the kind of flair and spontaneity that might never have been caught if you had thought too hard about it, if you'd had longer, if you were allowed. Oh, and remember to turn off the flash."

Certainly this site is meant to be tongue-in-cheek with its call to disobey authority, made all the more appropriate by the website's symbol of a cell phone, which has already deposed the chewing gum, spitball, and fired rubber bands as the prime tool for troublemaking. However, the interior shots of museums, such as the Tate Modern in London or the Kremlin in Moscow, lend a fresh and understandably unusual perspective to artistic showing spaces.

Click here to find out how to submit.

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At 12:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this site is brilliant, there are only 800 shots on it though, it must be new. It's pushing the "webs democratisation of information" thing out another few feet or so. I'm sure it will get big. It's great being able to compare warhols from 12 different museums around the world on one page.

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