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Permanent Exhibit of photographer Dan Eldon launched in New York City

In New York City's Soho district, the Candela /Decker Gallery has provided a permanent home to the work of Dan Eldon. The late photographer was killed 15 years ago at age 22 while working in Somalia, and many of his photographs, writings, collages, and journals will be on display. Titled "The Journey Is The Destination," the exhibition will open October 27, 2007, coinciding with the release of Eldon's photo journal of the same name. Though his first photo credits appeared when he was 13, Eldon had always considered himself a "creative activist," rather than a photojournalist.

As a young man growing up as part of a family of journalists in Africa, Eldon soon began using images and public events to promote peoples' awareness—such as selling his own T-shirts and boxer shorts at fund raising dances. In 1993, Reuters took note of Eldon's reporting on the initial crises in Somalia.

From Creative Visions' website:

"The violence and horror of the situation began to take an increasing toll on Dan. Although he had decided to leave by late June of 1993, he agreed to stay on to cover the unfolding events. On July, 12, 1993, Dan and three of his colleagues raced across Mogadishu to cover the bombing of what was thought to be General Aideed’s headquarters. In the ensuing confusion, all four young men were beaten, clubbed and stoned to death by an angry mob, enraged into frenzy over the deaths of over 50 of their friends, fathers, and brothers at the hands of U.S. and U.N. soldiers."

The Creative Visions Foundation was started by Eldon's family and friends to provide support to other creative activists. This comes in the form of grants, fiscal sponsorships, and mentorship programs. You can visit their website here.

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