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WORKSHOP: Spots still open for final three in the D65 series

"Digital Workflow, Not Workslow" is the succint, but corny-sounding subtitle for the 2007 season of D65 workshops. It is a workflow-intensive workshop, so analog photographers looking for nature expeditions will likely be disappointed. However, whether one works in traditional or digital nowadays, nearly all photographers have to put their images on disk at some point. The program, consisting of lectures and hands-on training by instructors Seth Resnick and Jamie Spritzer, will center around Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

From D65's website:

"Do you want to process your files quickly and have them look awesome? Do you want to be able to find an image you shot in the past decade in a blink? Do you want to preserve your files for a lifetime? Are your files properly keyworded? Are using metadata the right way? Do your prints look the way you want them to? Can you convert to CMYK? Wondering how to set up a real archive? Are you working in 16-bit and using ProPhoto? Can you extend the dynamic range of an image? Is your computer optimized for workflow, or is it running slow? Would you like to blow your clients away with quality they have never seen? Are your digital files better than your film files?"

Workshops for 2007 that remain open are October 16 to 19 in Boston, November 30 to December 3 in Chicago, and December 14 to 17 in New York. For $999, one can enroll for any of these, or a 2008 course before December 31, 2007 (standard fees for 2008 are $1099).

Despite one's perceived prowess (or lack thereof) with a PC or Mac, we all have those moments of exaperation: "I thought computers were supposed to make things easier!" The D65 workshops promise a universal working comprehension of all the software and technology a photographer might come across.

For a complete list of D65 workshops, and their locations, go here.

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