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A Million Little Pictures

No, this isn't the latest chapter in the James Frey controversy (thankfully). It's a new open competition in which the proprietors of Art House in Decatur, GA, Steve Peterman and Shane Zucker, will exhibit photographs taken by participants all over the country. Disposable cameras will be mailed out to those who enter, and the theme for entries will be "Adventures." Participants are encouraged to go out and do something out of the ordinary, and take pictures while doing it.

This is the third A Million Little Pictures exhibition to take place this year. In a unique, first-time twist, the city with the most sign ups will be selected as the location for the exhibition. Up to the entry deadline, the number of applications will be counted in a running tally, viewable at their website.

Cameras will be sent out November 1st. You have until then to sign up for the competition. Cameras are due to be mailed back December 1, 2007. Sign up by filling out the form on their website, and you will receive a disposal camera in the mail, along with a postage-paid, pre-addressed envelope for easy return. This emphasis on word-of-mouth and encouraging photographers to get their friends, family, and anyone else to sign up has occurred before, just never on a national level. The exhibition is all-inclusive, so the $16 entry fee guarantees that your work will be exhibited.

Also, $1.25 of each entry fee will be donated to charity. Entrants will be able to choose which of the four different charities to support. Click here to go to their superb website and sign up. The competition is open to entries from the US only.

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