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PhotoArts Santa Fe: LIVE at the event

Here we are at PhotoArts Santa Fe, in the marketplace showroom, feeling very much that we're inside the belly of the beast. As photographic displays go up in preparation for the main event, the focus of attention is brought to eye level, away from the slow curve of the ceiling, covered in a quilt-pattern of insulation struck through with air ducts, one of which runs directly over our booth.

...An early afernoon rain has just kicked in, and with a vengeance. Tim and I repeatedly voice our relief and gratitude that we've already eaten lunch. As I begin this sentence, the rush of water on the showroom roof has ceased. Hopefully this will mean a dewy, but pleasant, New Mexican afternoon.

Tim Anderson and Kim Weston with Poser: A sketchbook of ideas for artists and models. Weston is only one of the many photographers who have provided commentary for Tim's new book on fine art nudes.

Here's our man Tim with Rick Weston, fellow photographer and participant in the upcoming "one by twenty" exhibition at Albuquerque's Downtown Contemporary Art Center (website here). Twenty photographers (imagine that) will unite starting with the reception on September 7, 2007. When asked about his impressions of PhotoArts Santa Fe, Rick said "I'm overwhelmed." That makes two of us!

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