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CameraArts on film: both silver and small screens

It is with considerable pleasure that we announce CameraArts' first cameo appearances! In the last months, we were contacted by a film production studio requesting to use CameraArts magazine as props in an upcoming movie starring Ben Kingsley, Penelope Cruz, and Dennis Hopper. As you can probably imagine, we jumped at the opportunity to be involved with a studio production.

Scheduled for release in November 2007, the film, titled "Elegy," is now in post production. Kingsley plays a 70-year-old cultural critic who becomes romantically involved with a student (Cruz) from a well-to-do Cuban family. Our conversations with the studio's representatives suggest that Kingsley is an avid photographer—you'll be able to see recent issues of our magazine in his apartment, given that the scenes make it into the final cut. Our fingers are crossed.

Also, we have just received a request for the use of CameraArts in a new TV series, titled "Bionic Woman." I'm not sure what role photography will have in a new TV series about a Lee Majors spin-off from the '80s. Perhaps it will be in the form of the inquisitive journalist character (every superhero needs one of those, it seems). The names associatied with the project so far look encouraging: David Eick is executive producer (he helmed the remake of Battlestar Galactica, which is not so much a remake but a comprehensive, and fully addictive, reconstruction). They already have a snazzy website at NBC.

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