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The Online Photographer has moved

Heads up to anyone updating their favorites lists: our buddy Mike Johnston has moved his blog, The Online Photographer, to a new location at http://theonlinephotographer.com. If you haven't visited this blog yet, you'll find a fine mix of commentary, news, and musings from the site's awesome community. His is the model to which we all aspire.

Also, I can't imagine why he would want to leave Blogger. Is it the fact that you have to use tab-cycling to enter the title of your post (that's why I had "Rest in Peace, John Szarkowskij" on top of the last post for a full day), or the requirement for Google ID's to leave comments? Don't get me wrong, I love Google, couldn't live without it, but what about all the other poor people who must add yet another ID to the list?

All of my site logins were recently erased off of my Palm Pilot, along with everything else. So I've put it to work in scraping my BBQ grill...

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