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Photos of the Month: Sports and Action

These images have recently been uploaded to the CameraArts Community on SmugMug. for more about our new process for submitting to Photos of the Month, read our post about the recent change. Changes to our voting process are outlined as well.

by Robert Golding

Robert Golding
Email: rgolding(at)
Title: Hang Gliding in the Southwest
Info: Hang glider enthusiast after launching off La Jara Mesa near Grants, New Mexico. The day was just perfect and the winds were going his way. Lucky shot of him just above the horizon.
Picture taken in 2000 when digital was a new thing.

by Ken Fox
by Ken Fox

by Jeff Cable
1st Swim Meet 2007
by Jeff Cable
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by Joe Fisher
Joe Fisher

by Zack Lynch
by Zack Lynch

Jason House gives Marc Stevens something to think about during their Ring of Combat fight.
Despite the brain-jarring punch Stevens outfought Mr. House and won the decision.

Rebel XTI 2007 for

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