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Flak Photo and the Photobloggies

Heather in Bed, Chicago, Illinois—from Sometimes You Just Know; Photo © Justin VisneskyIsthmus magazine's online edition, The Daily Page, has just featured our friends over at Flak Photo, and the recognition they have received at the 2007 Photobloggies. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Flak Photo is an online magazine dedicated to fine art photography. Editor Andy Adams has proven that a screen can serve as well as print, as long as one is ready to embrace a different set of considerations.

The care that must be taken in presenting high quality images online is apparent at Flak Photo, which may have the best web layout for a publication I've yet seen. Adams insists that it wasn't the work of one person alone that has earned likewise distinction across the blogosphere. It was started about two years ago as part of Flak Magazine, a more verbal take on a publication with an online format. Editor James Norton planted the idea,

From The Isthmus Daily Page:

(Online publishing) also allows you to send editions of your magazine to subscribers via e-mail, an option Adams has introduced. He has 800 e-mail subscribers, he says, and they skew toward photographers and art directors who view the site on larger-than-standard monitors. "I'm all about giving a photograph room to breathe," he says.

Flak Photo saw a major redesign in the summer of last year. Hats off to everyone at Flak Photo for achieving such recognition, and wasting no time in doing it (the Photobloggies nominees were announced in February 2007, and the final decision made in April). Adams has also assembled a list of galleries representative of what Flak Photo has to offer. You can reach it here.

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