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New from Nick Ut: Somebody named "Hilton"

It's great to see that photographer Nick Ut is still in the thick of things. Check out this candid photograph of a distressed young blonde woman in a limousine. Certainly it is an unlikely follow-up to the photograph that made him famous (warning: if you don't know who Nick Ut is, or what other photograph of his that I'm linking to, be warned that it is highly graphic in nature). I'm not exactly sure what this young woman's story is—something about DWIs and being heir to a billion-dollar fortune. Maybe Lauren Greenfield will lend her lens to the subject next. It seems to be a worthy subject of additional media attention.

Speaking of which, there is a new mini-documentary at the New York Times website entitled "Kids and Money" by Lauren Greenfield. I don't know how she does it—teenagers are by nature one of the most private, non-communicative species on the planet. Not to mention that these teenagers are fashion-conscious, affluent, and living in L.A. Nevertheless, Greenfield somehow manages to get them to open up and utter more than a handful of words at a time. I recommend checking out this series, as well as some of her other films at her website.


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