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Finally, the photo contest we've all been waiting for

Finally, my dream has come true. I have always been an outspoken supporter of fiberglass photography. Now insulation is getting its own international photo contest: “Protection against cold and heat,” made possible by Rockwool Poland. (Their site offers both Polish and Russian versions.)

From the press release:

We decided to organise such a photo contest as we were very interested to see how artists from all over the world would capture their impressions over thermal insulation – our core business. We co-organised a similar contest for satirical drawings last year and it brought spectacular results. We hope that also these year contest participants will astonish us with their creativity. –
says Jacek Kieszkowski, Marketing Director Rockwool Poland.

The originality of this idea should be applauded across the world of fine art photography. Now the world can experience artful views of this universal basement and attic decoration. I'm planning on doing a panorama of colors from the entire spectrum of insulation: salmon pink, burnt orange, yellow off-white, yellowish off-green off-white, platinum yellowish off-green off-white, and puce.

This should meet with a great deal of success, much more than the fiberglass underwear design workshop recently hosted in Odessa...


At 6:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems like it wasn't so hard to make your dream come true.

You should be grateful :)

In my opinion that can be interesting, but it requires creativity...

At 11:49 PM, Anonymous Daria Stasinska said...

Dear Tom,

As a representative of Rockwool Poland – the contest’s organizer – I’d like to thank you for sharing your thoughts on the idea of our photography contest. We believe this idea will be an exciting challenge for artists, who are tired of romantic sunsets.

We’re glad to hear that our contest drew your attention. It means that you consider taking part in it. This is precisely our objective – to bring art to a new level.

Our previous projects, such as a satirical drawing contest, proved that the same subject matter may be shown in a funny & light-hearted way. The results turned out to be a great success.

This year we’d like to see if photographers can fire their imagination in a similar wide range of ideas.

It may seem easy to ridicule the idea (believe me, we are the first to laugh at it), but what we offer is a serious opportunity for real artists to show their photographic talents. And all are invited. We can’t wait to see your creativity.

Daria Stasinska
Coordinator of the photo contest “Protection against cold and heat”
Rockwool Poland


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