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Kodak discontinues production of sensors, photo-sensitive material

Kodak, a longtime player in the imaging industry, has just announced that, in the light of dropping sales and profitability, that they will no longer be producing photo-sensitive sensors or materials of any kind. On the other hand, they have been tapped by Nikon and Canon to provide three million touch screen photo kiosks each for distribution in drugstores and Wal-Marts all over the US.

...just kidding. But I had you going for a while, didn't I? With news like this becoming more and more frequent, it's a surprise that Kodak hasn't dried up and blown away. First film goes, and now they're scaling back attempts to compete in the digital market. I don't mean to be cruel, but it seems that Kodak is doing everything it can to hasten its own shrinking into the night.


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