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Net Neutrality: 4 days left!

There are only four days left before the FCC closes its inquiry into the state of Net Neutrality. This is your opportunity to tell the story of how open, equal bandwidth has helped you or your business. For those of us who do business online, and do not have the benefit of corporate sponsorship, this issue is of paramount importance.

Phone companies like Verizon, AT&T, and others are lobbying to put an end to Net Neutrality, pushing instead for a "two-lane" system in which large corporations enjoy faster bandwidth, while everyone else is relegated to the "slow lane." Tell the FCC that all websites are created equal. Click here to submit your story and join thousands of others who have united for this cause.

There's another fine video here. Also, Tim Anderson has given his two cents in the pages of CameraArts Magazine. Check it out.

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