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Upcoming updates at Paul Wainwright

Photographer and traditional wet-process expert Paul Wainwright will be holding a solo show at Harvard's Three Columns Gallery in Cambridge, MA. Titled "Empty Spaces," the show will begin with an opening reception on January 10, 2008. "Empty Spaces" will compile Wainwright's work from photographing old New England structures and their interiors, including new work from 2007. If you are unable to attend the show, a virtual tour will be posted on in the coming week.

From Paul Wainwright's website:

"(Paul's) current portfolio includes interpretive images of landscapes and 19th century architecture. His work evokes a feeling of quietness and contemplation, and has been described as being reminiscent of some of the masters of the mid-20th century."

Visit his website, sign up for the newsletter, and receive ongoing updates about the exhibition.

Also, check out to find out more about Wainwright's ongoing project, to be completed in 2008.

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