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Now Online: free back issues of FRAMES, the CameraArts Newsletter!

In response to popular demand, the complete archives of FRAMES: The CameraArts Newsletter have been posted online. You can view them all and sign up for FRAMES (if you haven't already), all on one page. We have also posted descriptions of each, making it easier to find useful information.

From the FRAMES newsletter sign-up and archives page:

November 15, 2006:
Leica Goes Digital, Software Cinema, Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines Revised, Keywords Magazine, PhotoPlus Expo 2006, Holidays at I Photo Central, Fantasy and Fantasies, Precision Digital Negatives to Platinum Printing

Every time a new edition of FRAMES is released, we will post it in the archives. That means you can see a collection of the most up-to-date news in the photography world, any time you visit. In the future, you'll be able to find that one issue of FRAMES, perhaps released this time in 2008, announcing the wide-spread resurgence of the darkroom industry and roll film. A person can dream, right?


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