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Now Online: George DeWolfe and the Photoshop Medicine Show

We at CameraArts know that our next issue is greatly anticipated. We as much as anyone are chomping at the bit to see it in our hands. The day is coming, and until then, you can check out free articles online at The latest addition is CameraArts Senior Editor George DeWolfe's article The Master Print: The Photoshop Medicine Show, now available for pdf download.

One look at the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) website gives you an idea of the hype that attends this piece of Adobe software for editing photographs. Words like Wow! And the fervor of an old time medicine show surrounds the publications, and, especially, education, when it comes to talking about Photoshop. The insanity of complication and “the newest trick” pervade this application like no other in the world. You really have to go to a Photoshop World Trade show to really appreciate its similarity to the selling of snake oil.

As you can see, George pulls no punches, and shares a lot of my frustrations with the Photoshop program (and the culture of software hype in general). Don't get us wrong, Adobe still makes a fine product, but often a reminder is in order that this software has the potential to swallow whole lives.

Remember,you need to have
Adobe Acrobat installed to view the file (how ironic). Enjoy the free article, and let us know what you think.


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