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CameraArts Table of Contents, March/April 2007

The table of contents for our upcoming issue of CameraArts Magazine, March/April 2007, has just been posted on Also, a new cover graces the blog and the home page. Carlos Tarrats, the photographer, captures otherworldly scenes without the help of photographic manipulation. Every object in his images is constructed on set before making it to film.

From the upcoming article in CameraArts March/April 2007:

"The elements of my photographs aren’t expensive pretty objects. Every thing comes from hardware and craft stores. On set, I distress everything. I use paint scrapers, sand paper, dirt, rocks, and metal tools to weather my subjects. Like in life, nothing is perfect, but taking these pictures reminds me how great imperfection can be. I feel it is important to remember that there is beauty in every situation. And it is the imperfect moments of life that have the most value."

Keep checking out The CameraArts Blog for more previews from the upcoming issue!


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